•  Dorothy Hyslop has absolutely saved my life. We have made it through two very tragic events in my life together. My experience with Dorothy, as her patient, has been so positive and life changing in many ways. Without her support and guidance I may have taken a totally different direction in my choices. I am so glad she was there for me. And I feel she is still there for me if I ever need her again. ~ Laurie E.

•  My life was at a very low point when Dorothy Hyslop came into it. I had just been discharged from yet another psych ward and was struggling with addictions on top of my bipolar disorder. Dorothy quickly became a stable point in my confused universe- my North Star. She taught me coping strategies and helped me practice them, listened compassionately to all my fears and worries and assisted me in all the little everyday chores that threatened to overwhelm me at times. One of the things I most appreciate about Dorothy is her ability to break things down into manageable parts that can be dealt with on both a psychological and a practical level. This is very rewarding and helps build confidence and self-esteem. I highly recommend Dorothy Hyslop. She helped me turn my life around. ~ Jillian F.

•  I have known Dorothy for approximately 15 years after she began counselling my wife. My wife had an acquired brain injury along with many other medical concerns. Dorothy’s skill in addressing all the issues that can affect a person and their family after such medical upheaval was remarkable. Dorothy is an excellent listener and councils with much compassion and empathy. Dorothy was able to pinpoint the most pressing problems at that moment and steer us in the proper direction. After my wife’s passing Dorothy counselled me through the grief processed and through many very dark days. I am so grateful and indebted to Dorothy for all that she has done for my family and myself. ~ Richard L.

•  I first met with Dorothy following a traumatic car accident at the age of 17. She counseled me through recovery of quadriplegia, returning to school and eventually to work as a lawyer. Dorothy provided non clinical and personalized supports throughout the most difficult times and also became a support for day to day challenges and times where I needed objective input to make important decisions. I would recommend Dorothy’s services to anyone who needs a genuine and experienced counselor to overcome life’s challenges big and small. ~ Vanessa G.

•  I am a caregiver for a young lady with Down syndrome with whom Dorothy has worked with and supported for the past several years. Dorothy’s provides counselling services are professional and respectful and encompasses the family as a whole to better meet the needs of the individual. Dorothy’s a caring and compassionate advocate for persons with special abilities. I highly recommend Dorothy as a she possess exceptional counselling skills and her techniques and strategies produce positive results. ~ Laura H.

•  I first met Dorothy in 1998. She had been working as a counsellor and had great experience working with individuals with cognitive disorders and developmental delay. She has helped my daughter develop strategies with her issues related to stress, anxiety, depression and autism. She also works with issues concerning death and bereavement. Dorothy is very caring, helpful, empathetic and understanding. She is very knowledgeable and creative. She has facilitated in the planning and dreaming of one’s Path with explicit illustrations. She has worked with staff of microboards advising them on different matters concerning the support of individuals. Dorothy has been and continues to be a tremendous asset in my daughter’s life. ~ MDS.

•  My experience with Dorothy Hyslop changed my life and gave me the strength, confidence and conviction to set and accomplish goals and focus my life in a positive and rewarding direction. She was always supportive, compassionate and helpful. Her advice and direction helped me through a very difficult time in my life and I am truly thankful that she continues to be a support to me. ~ Tara C.

•  Dorothy is a warm and insightful counsellor who was able to help us sort through an extremely difficult family crisis. She is fair, understanding and straight forward. She helped to mitigate overwhelming problems which, left unaddressed would have caused grievous harm to our family. ~ Sheila and Shara G.

•  My daughter was in her late teens, graduating from high school, and screaming for her own independence. This seems normal but there was a slight problem; she is a highly functioning developmentally delayed individual. She trusted everyone. To her there were no bad people in the world who could or would take advantage of her but she was being taken advantage of. She just couldn’t see it.  We were at war with her.
A community worker recommended that I contact Dorothy because she has a great reputation of being able to work with and help developmentally delayed individuals.
Today our daughter is very independent and we trust that when she is not home she is making the right decisions to keep herself safe. We know our daughter has limitations but we have always wanted her to live as independently as possible. With Dorothy’s help we feel we are achieving this goal.
We highly recommend Dorothy to anyone seeking assistance for a relative or friend who desires a more independent life style but who also needs assistance in improving their social and life skills. ~ Carol K.